Although my education was solely in print design, I used resources on the internet to teach myself various web scripting languages so that I could earn a living freelancing. During my seven years(and counting) of freelance work I have been privileged to take part in a variety web projects incorporating many different styles and platforms. Much of my work is for the video game industry as I am a fan, but my experience and skillset are not limited to any one style or genre. I have worked with clients by designing sites, advertising, and building with html, css, javascript, php, WordPress, and flash/actionscript.

Often the video game sites on which I worked were built in Adobe Flash as it allowed for good looking animations and video effects. Flash was the go-to platform with many entertainment related websites for these reasons, but the boom of mobile devices that do not support flash, the need for responsive design, the advancement of "Html 5", and the desire for SEO(seach engine optimization) has essentially killed flash in the eyes of many. My clients have followed this transition and I have been building html sites for them with javascript and css animations utilizing libraries like jquery and greensock js. However, Flash has not been completely abolished as it is still strongly prominent in web advertising. In fact the majority of work I have done for Escape Pod9 has been creating animated flash ad campaigns in which the true skill lies in maintaining good animation and image quality while often having to keep the file sizes under 50k. For some perspective, an average single high quality image at the same dimensions of these animated ads can run 100k or more by themselves, and I am creating entire animated sequences with many different images.

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  • "After working with Nate many times on various projects, I've come to trust not only his expertise, but also his timeliness. I am confident in the return on investment in this gentleman, from day one."

    -Anthony Severino, Executive Editor at CraveOnline Media
  • "Nate is not only a great designer, but an incredibly fast one. His turnaround times are amazing, and in the fast-paced digital world, it's good to have someone like this that you can count on in a tight spot."

    -Brent Phillips, VP of Digital Strategy at
  • "Working with Nate has been fantastic. From our ideas he created a beautiful Wordpress theme that has been running smoothly ever since it launched years ago..."

    -Ferry Groenendijk,
  • "Nathan is a great graphic designer. He has a lot of original ideas and can be counted on to complete the job."

    -Kristin Mahaffey Foldvik, Sr. Global Program & Events Manager at Blackbaud


I have always had an inclination towards graphics and can design for hours on end without realizing how much time has passed. I worked in photoshop creating graphics and layouts before I ever knew there was a career in it. I love to dream up as many designs as I can, experimenting with different styles and approaches. I simply love to dream and try to make those dreams real, either through designing graphics, building hardware/software like my interactive table or websites, drawing/improving my art skills, and writing stories. To that end I have been working personal projects such as an interactive wall, an artillery duel inspired video game design, and I am 65,000 words into a fantasy hero story that I have been writing over the last year with the intention of creating a manga. Although I am not the best technical writer, I have probably had the most fun with the pure creation of writing my story than I have doing anything else. I am a big fan of manga, anime, comics, movies, and any good hero story.

Professionally I have been a designer for 14 years. During those years of working for organizations and running my own business, I have had to wear many hats which helped me accumulate an array of skills in design, software, programming, customer service, sales, book keeping, and project management. The combination of these skills has prepared me for the next step towards a director or managerial position that I am looking to take in my career.

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